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Allow up to 1 hour

$65 per person / $100 for two people (shared tub)

CBD Infused $80 per person / $115 for two (shared tub)

Immerse into one of the oldest rituals of ancient spa culture. Dissolve stress and re-mineralize the body, while awakening and uplifting the senses with our divine salt soaks and pure essential oil blends.

Melt away your pain by upgrading your soak to CBD infused epsom salts for an extra $15 per tub.


Allow up to 1 hour

$35 per person / $60 for two people

Call us for group rates of 4 or more.

Enjoy the many benefits of a eucalyptus steam in our private sauna lounge, including detoxification, improved circulation, skin health, loosening of stiff joints, stress reduction, and opening up the breathing passage ways. While there are lots of benefits associated with a steam room, people using them should do so with caution and be aware of the risks. Due to the high heat level, there is a risk of dehydrating the body and it is advisable not to spend longer than 20 minutes inside before coming out to cool off. It is important to drink plenty of water before and after a sauna session. Sandals, towels and robes are provided. You may wish to bring along your swim wear. No nudity allowed.

Due to the extreme heat in steam rooms (up to 115 degrees), there are certain people who are advised to avoid them:

  • pregnant women
  • anyone with heart disease
  • those with very low or high blood pressure
  • anyone with epilepsy
  • those taking antibiotics
  • users of mind-altering drugs, such as stimulants, tranquilizers, or alcohol

Enjoy the benefits of a steam sauna in our Private Sauna Lounge. A perfect beginning of detoxification before a body treatment, massage or facial!