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Welcome to Cowichan Bay Spa + Salon!

The luxurious organic retreat in the heart of Cowichan Bay Village,  British Columbia.

Our destination spa is a serene and sacred place where we specialize in customized organic facials and body treatments, massage, nail care, scalp and hair treatments, and much more. Our dedicated spa and salon practitioners will be pleased to tailor services to your individual needs, target specific concerns and assist you in restoring optimum skin health and well being.

Cowichan Bay Spa + Salon is dedicated to being a safe haven of tranquility, refocusing stress into positive energy by providing an experience that “makes a difference” in our guests’ lives. Our team is committed to extensive training, which shows in our cheerful attitudes and quality of service we provide. It is our firm belief that customer care and continuous improvement are paramount in achieving customer satisfaction and a healthy team environment.

Let’s go away for a while and exhale...Come, relax with us!


As part of our initiative we choose to partner with brands that practice sustainability and are kind to the environment and it's inhabitants. They eliminate the use of toxic, synthetic chemicals and only use the safest natural and organic ingredients possible. They give back to mother nature by reducing their carbon foot print by utilizing alternative energy resources and giving back what they borrow.

We believe that implementing small fundamental changes in the choices we make everyday will have a large impact on the future of all communities around the world and protect Mother Earth for generations to come. This is why we choose these beautifully made products, to give you the choice of what you put on your temple, it is the only one you have.

SPARITUAL was founded in 2004 and inspired by clean beauty, spa culture and the art of self-care. We are a sustainable, vegan beauty brand based on the rituals of self-care. We believe slowing down to return home to yourself is the path to enlightenment. We are committed to creating clean, non-toxic products for the spa professional and the self-care activist. Our roots are firmly planted in the ancient and present healing traditions of the spa, the true source of self-care. Our products and programs are designed to intentionally connect you to Slow Beauty Rituals to awaken relaxation, deliver nourishment and set in motion the return to a state of wholeness. We give you the best ingredients nature has to offer, and provide you with tangible and practical ways to help you slow down and live in accordance with the natural pace of your life.

The Slow Beauty philosophy is all about creating moments within each day, week, month, season and year to practice the kind of meaningful self-care and wellness that makes us glow. When practiced over time, these small rituals add up to manifest results - not only feeling healthier and more joyful, but in realizing true beauty and timeless aging. Slow beauty works because it’s a way of life and not a quick fix. To be in awe and reverence of your body and live within it as your temple and most sacred place, will transform your relationship with the world around you.

We are grateful for the beauty of your presence and the presence of your beauty.

Seaflora Skincare is committed to the ecological preservation and sustainability of the environment. Year round we work to protect our agricultural lands, rural countryside, coastlines and marine ecosystems. From start to finish, Seaflora is committed to bringing you skincare that is healthy and nontoxic to your body and earth-friendly at the same time.

All Seaflora products are formulated and hand crafted in Sooke, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. All seaweeds infused into every Seaflora Skincare formulation are hand harvested in the nearby Salish Sea.

Our philosophy is ‘Sea-to-Spa’, much like the farm-to-plate movement. We source as many local ingredients possible, including all seaweeds, ocean muds, clays, and marine minerals. Located on Vancouver Island, we are one of the largest licensed seaweed harvesting companies in British Columbia. We hand-harvest each species, ensuring that the quality is uncompromised, remaining true to our commitment of sustainability.

We believe in formulating small, hand-made batches to ensure the potency and effectiveness of our products. Our family-run business proudly manufactures our entire product line at Head Office, in the breathtaking west coast town of Sooke. Each formulation begins with one of our precious Organic Seaweed Elixirs™, starting each product off with raw, wild, organic seaweed.

Our ingredients are whole, healthy and nutritious, free of contaminants and toxins, rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids, phytonutrients and amino acids. Together, these firm the appearance of the skin, increase vitality and hydration, leaving skin with a vibrant and youthful glow.

We do it all to honour the European tradition of Thalassotherapy, or the notion of going to the ocean for good health. We continuously work to produce exquisite products that feed the body through our largest organ, the skin. Humans have a flowing chemistry with the ocean, which means the seaweed’s nutritional content is readily bioavailable to our bodies. These superfoods offer the best support for modern living, because they remove toxins and free up detoxification pathways, promote circulation, deeply re-mineralize, nurture cellular structure, balance pH levels, and act as catalysts for cellular functions within the body.

Take a dip in the fountain of youth and ‘Sea’ results!


We’re for beautiful skin, not beautiful models.

We believe products created by fusing the power of nature with cosmeceutical science can bring real changes to the skin’s appearance.

We relentlessly scour the planet for scientific advances and nature’s most powerful organic ingredients that have the ability to repair, heal and transform your skin.

We apply alternative sustainable technologies using non-toxic and organic ingredients to help boost the best nature has to offer.

We protect the purity and effectiveness of our ingredients with S2S (Soil 2 Skin) and by applying precise standards to the process of how the ingredients are sourced, grown, cultivated and processed. This ensures their potency and authenticity when applied to your skin.

We don’t cut corners, we are meticulous about details. We use Certified Organic Aloe Vera gel instead of water for its innate healing properties. And it is what makes Organic Nation products feel luxurious on your skin. We source the finest glass from Europe for our bottles. Perfumers create our signature fragrances, not chemists. We use the highest possible concentration of ingredients surpassing standards, not merely meeting them. We want your skincare routine to be an experience, to delight your senses and most importantly produce results you can see and feel.

Organic Nation is unique, it is 25 years of learning and advancement to create a performance skincare range that can bring about positive change to skin. Transparency to track ingredients from the soil to skin. Best practices from Green Chemistry to embrace sustainability, and Certified Organic ingredients to ensure purity.

Organic Nation. Pure Performance.

Closer to Nature

Olla Botanicals premium, full spectrum hemp products are artisanally produced in-house using only the best organic and natural ingredients. Each small batch is lab tested and certified so you know exactly what you are getting. Due to its synergistic entourage effect, full spectrum hemp oil is proving to be more effective and healthier than isolate from industrial hemp products. Feel the premium difference and never go back.

Farm-to-Table Quality

Feel Well with Hemp
Significantly improve your quality of life when suffering from pain, insomnia, anxiety or other medical issues. For a fraction of pharmaceutical costs and with no side-effects, you can again live life the way it should be… relaxed, pain-free, and active. Hemp helps your body to help itself.

The gratifying craft of working with this miracle of nature allows us to make wonderful remedies that people love. All of our products are organic and laboratory certified to contain an extremely high ratio of active medicinal ingredients.

Olla Botanicals uses artisanal methods throughout and produces in small batches without the use of solvents or industrial processes but with great attention to detail. Our craft hemp extract is made with heat and pressure, that’s all. What you get is a unique full spectrum product with a highly effective, synergistic entourage effect that stands tall above the rest of the hemp crowd.

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